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There is no one approach to health. The best diet is the series of habits and choices which are sustainable and still allow us to experience joy and happiness. At Mindful Weight Loss we will work with vour individual preferences to achieve vour desired nutritional goals, and also offer optional meal replacements as an additional tool. The best nutritional plan is the one that works for you! Book an appointment to learn more.


At the core, we are trying to influence the moment where we pick up the fork. Unfortunately a universe of conditioned responses underlay this simple gesture. Using a mindfulness approach, we will help you deconstruct the mental pathways which guide our habits and behaviors and help you become more proactive rather than reactive to our environmental stimuli. Mindful Weight Loss is here to help!

Physical Activity

While physical activity is an important component of health and weight maintenance, starting a regular exercise regimen takes time and is only achieved after a series of attempts and failures. At Mindful Weight Loss we start from where you are, slowly helping to increase the role of physical activity in your life. We’ll help build an attainable long term habit, aiding in losing weight and improving your metabolic and mental health.


As hypertension and diabetes require treatment, medication is an important component for managing obesity. At Mindful Weight Loss, we will perform a full history and physical and assess appropriate medication regimens to help counteract the biological impediments which hamper our weight loss efforts. Medications expand our arsenal to help you with weight loss and weight maintenance.

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Medical Weight Loss

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