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Achieve and Sustain Your Weight Loss Goals
with Mindful Weight Loss

Eat less and exercise more. For decades, this has been our healthcare system’s weight loss prescription. At the same time, the men and women who struggle with their weight now include roughly 2 out of 3 Americans. Clearly, something isn’t working. At Mindful Weight Loss, our goal is to use a different approach, getting to the root cause of that patient’s stress, anxiety, and suffering.

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Meet Traci S. From Hermosa Beach

Hello! I’m Traci – a proud resident of Hermosa Beach, a mom of two wonderful kids in Middle School, and I’m married to an incredible man who works in tech. I’m very excited to share my story with you because it greatly impacted my life.
My age and menopause made it impossible to drop weight, so I contacted Dr. Gupta, where my journey to wellness and weight loss began. This program marked a turning point for me – helping me lose 46lbs, a milestone I hadn’t achieved in decades.

The exceptional quality of care I received from the doctors, superb nurses, and
fantastic health coaches left an impression on me. Having experienced firsthand
the profound impact of this program (it’s an
emotional one for me), I decided to join the Mindful Weight Loss team.

Currently, I’m COO and love my entire team! It’s incredible to help women and men
feel better about themselves, get healthier, and enjoy life more!

About the Mindful Weight Loss Program

Evidence-Based Medications:

Evidence-Based Approach: The program leans on research-backed medications to ensure health and efficacy. These medications are carefully selected to complement and enhance the other components of the program.

Concierge Services:

Tailored to You: Understanding that every mother’s journey is unique, the program offers personalized strategies and support catering to individual needs.


Empowerment Through Knowledge: Through educational sessions, you’re equipped with valuable insights and tools to navigate your transformation journey confidently


Mental Fortitude: Recognizing the invaluable role of mental well-being, the program integrates meditation to underscore the importance of mindfulness in weight loss. Channeling inner peace can foster physical change and provide the serenity that bolsters the transformation process


Dedicated Support & Overcoming Obstacles: Patients benefit from one-on-one coaching sessions, ensuring they receive undivided attention, motivation, and guidance throughout their journey. Recognizing that every individual faces unique challenges, the program crafts personalized strategies, enabling you to overcome hurdles and achieve your goals


Tailored Nutrition & Internal Healing: The program provides specialized nutritional guidance to ensure you receive the proper nutrients for optimal health. More than just shedding pounds, the emphasis is on healing and rejuvenating the body from the insideout, allowing for a more holistic transformation.

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